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Gaming with lwgrs

About Me #

A grayscale image depicts three retro-futuristic spaceships flying away from what appears to be Earth.

Hi, I’m Steve. I’m not a “gamer” in the sense that I play a lot of video games and I’m good at them. The most advanced piece of hardware I own is a PS3, and I use that to play NHL Legacy and MLB The Show 16. I have some other games for it (The Force Unleashed, I think?) but I barely play them. I could play them though.

My gaming days maxed out at those two game titles. Even then, my sweet spot for consoles is the PS2 / Game Cube era. Thank goodness I can still play GC games on my Wii. My real sweet spot to narrow it down, though, are handheld games. Specifically Game Boy. I dabble a little with the DS, and Advance (better with GBA games than DS), but I grew up with this as my primary source of gaming.

And so I’m going to try to chronicle my current journey through video games. Some of them are going to be new (or new-ish), and others will be re-living my youth (Nintendo’s Donkey Kong for the Game Boy, released in 1995, is probably my all-time favourite game). That’s what you’ll find here.

You can reach out to me on Mastodon or Bluesky.