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Gaming with lwgrs

NHL Legacy (PS3, 2015)

After finding a new way to enjoy MLB The Show 2016 (and I’ve since found out how to change the control styles to something I’m more familiar with from the MVP Baseball series, which has made the game considerably easier), I turned to NHL Legacy (aka NHL 16). My main beef with this game is that even on Superstar mode, it’s too easy.

The most I’ve been able to do is change the play style to “Hardcore Simulation” which makes the game closer to real life, but the balance is way off. It’s still not quite “real”, and it’s not really very fun. The goals are still easy to come by if you shoot the puck the right way.

Well, in my quest to make MLB The Show 16 more fun to play, I discovered the concept of changing sliders to make the game a little easier to play. Well, “easier” is not quite the right word. More realistic? For example, it’s hard to work the count in the game because the CPU pitchers almost always throw strikes. Solution? Turn down the “CPU Strikes Thrown” slider or whatever it’s called. It’s made a huge difference.

Anyway – I did some searching around and found these sliders from “Mr. Mars”. I played around with them and applied them to my game. I played one period to test it out (I had to get ready for work, no time for a full game), and I was hooked. I ended the first period down 2-1, but shots were even at 10. I had to work to get the goal that I did. I played a little bit of the next period until the next stoppage, which happened to be my game-tying-goal – and shots were 12-10 in my favour. I’ve played some games where I might outshoot the opponent and they get 2 goals on 2 or 3 shots. Or vice versa.

Anyway, this has made me happy to try out a new “Be A GM” mode to try and build a team into a Cup contender. The last BAGM mode I started, I picked one of the worst teams (Arizona) and still ended up with an absurd winning record after a few games. It was not very realistic. So I’m going to try again and hope for some challenging seasons and playoff series.

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